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Tourism : Rome the ' queen ' for foreigners, Milan and Venice follow

Tourism: Rome the 'queen' for foreigners, Milan and Venice follow

Rome - Rome remains the most popular Italian city among foreigners in 2016 too. According to a report by Istat (the Italian National Institute of Statistics) on the 'Tourist movement in Italy', the Italian capital is the number one destination, with over 25 million visitors, making up 6.3% of the national total. If we observe the foreign clientèle alone, the share of foreign tourists welcomed reaches about 9% of the total. Milan is the second most popular Italian venue in terms of visiting tourists (2.7% of the national total), followed by Venice (2.6%), which is ranked second in the classification if you consider non-resident clientèle alone (4.5% of foreign visitors). Florence and Rimini are ranked fourth and fifth, respectively, in the classification of favorite destinations.Beside the major tourist hot spots, the Istat reveals, there are also towns which, despite being limited in terms of demographic size, record a significant number of visitors in proportion, since they gravitate around highly attractive venues, such as Cavallino-Treporti, Jesolo, Caorle and Rosolina, which are all located close to Venice.In general, however, the accommodation facilities of the top 50 Italian towns host approximately 162 million visitors, which constitutes 40.3% of the total. These destinations on the whole absorb a third of visitors of the resident clientèle (32.9%) and almost half (47.8%) of the non-resident clientèle.