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Technology: "Made in Italy" taught at Maker Faire in New York

Technology: "Made in Italy" taught at Maker Faire in New York

Rome - From IoT educational environments to mobile and self-produced labs and 3D printers. Olivetti and Fondazione Mondo Digitale will participate in the exhibition to be held on September 23-24 at the New York Hall of Science, which will showcase projects, products and learning environments to promote an innovative, collaborative and transformative school. On this occasion, Olivetti will introduce the ORobot 101, a robotic kit designed for future makers and programmers.
Fondazione Mondo Digitale will present the Innovation Gym Model for the first time in the USA, which has already been successfully tested in over 120 Italian schools.On September 23 and 24, at the Italian pavilion of the Maker Faire in New York, the spotlight will be on a modern school that capitalizes on digital innovation and increasingly meets the needs of 4.0 students. Olivetti and Fondazione Mondo Digitale, selected by the Italian Agency for the Foreign Promotion and Internationalization of Italian Enterprise as part of the extraordinary plan to promote "Made in Italy," will showcase a "re-innovated" educational model capable of integrating education with the skills sought by the labor market to prepare students for new and constantly evolving professions.