Snam: Mattarella "Italy, for gas governance effort must continue"  

Snam: Mattarella "Italy, for gas governance effort must continue"

Milan - "With its wealth of strategic infrastructure, Italy constitutes an increasingly significant crossroads in the governance of gas resources, and this effort must continue". These were the words of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, in a message he read this morning on the occasion of the Snam 75 Partner's Day in Milan.According to the President, this effort is necessary "to support the development and reliability of Italian networks and their interconnection with European networks, strengthening the safety, diversification and flexibility of the entire system". "I am confident - he concluded - that the experience accrued will be of comfort for a wise use of the potential of the gas sector, thereby tackling the challenges at best and contributing towards the sustainable administration of this energy source".