Smau :  Innovation  Award to the Red Cross, a drone saves lives

Smau: Innovation Award to the Red Cross, a drone saves lives
 Croce Rossa Italiana

Rome - Drones and the Italian Red Cross: the partnership works. Smau presented the organization with the 2017 Innovation Award in the "smart city" section. The prize rewards Italian projects that stood out during the year. The Red Cross's project will feature also at Smau Milano, on 24 October, in an event dedicated to the "Internet of things and data analysis". The project uses drones to monitor large events and optimize assistance and rescue operations. Bologna's Red Cross Committee partnered with Idesio, a start-up from Pesaro, already selected in 2016 by #WCAP, TIM's business accelerator. The drone flies over the area and works as an antenna for the sensors held by the operators on the ground. The information sent to the drone is then transmitted in real time to the Operations Center. Using smartphones, PCs or tablets, the Operations Center can see where the operators are, how they are moving, if they have raised an alarm or need help. Drones are an extra guarantee for the public and for the emergency services. With little extra costs, they help coordinate more easily and effectively rescue operations of missing persons. They provide a clear map of what is happening, even in areas that are difficult access (for example, forests where not even helicopters can solve the problem), or where there is no telephone signal. At the end of the day, the merits and faults of each intervention can be assessed by processing all the data collected. To keep improving.