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Pope to Fao:  Global  compact for  safe  and  orderly   migration

Pope to Fao: Global compact for safe and orderly migration
 Fao/Anadolu Agency
 Papa Francesco (Afp)

Vatican City - Pope Francis has expressed his support for "the UN's global compact for a safe, regular and orderly migration". "How can we stop people prepared to risk everything, entire generations that could disappear because there is no food or they are victims of violence or climate change?", the Pope asked during a speech at the FAO, with reference to the fact that entire populations "move towards the places where they see hope orexpectations of a better life". "They cannot be stopped emphasized the Holy Father with physical, economic, legislative or ideological barriers. Only the coherent application of humanitarian principals can stop them".Instead, said the Pope, "public help for development is very limited, as is the activity of multilateral institutions, who operate with bilateral agreements that subordinate cooperation to specific agendas or alliances, or simply to short-term tranquility". According to Pope Francis, "on the contrary, managing human mobility requires cooperation between governments, in accordance with international standards, driven by love and intelligence". "The yoke of poverty, generated by the movements of people, which often have tragic effects, can be removed thanks to development projects that create jobs and the ability to respond to climatic and environmental crisis. Prevention costs a lot less than the effects caused by land and water pollution, which affects vulnerable areas of the planet, where poverty is the only law, risk of disease increases and life expectancy drops". "The Catholic Church, through its institutions ensured the Pope and thanks to its direct experience of the situations and its awareness of the needs, wants to participate directly in this effort, following its mission to love everyone, which also requires it to remind those who have national and international responsibilities that we have a duty to share with those in need". "I hope said finally the Pope that everyone can find, within their faith or convictions, the reasons, principles and contributions to give FAO and other intergovernmental institutions the courage to improve and preserve, for the good of the human family".