Nigeria: Italian Ambassador reiterates country's full commitment

Nigeria: Italian Ambassador reiterates country's full commitment

Abuja - The Italian Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Stefano Pontesilli has reiterated his country's full commitment to the security and stability of his host nation, which he described as a precondition for sustainable and equitable development. Pontesilli, at the Italian National Day celebrations, in Nigeria's South West Lagos, commended Italians abroad, who he noted build such host nations and make good names for themselves through hard labour and sacrifice. According to him, some of his countrymen came to Nigeria where they are prospering, while helping the Nigerian people, even before independence, to build the soil.
    "Many of the Italians here today were among those pioneers and have spent 20, 30, 40 years in this welcoming country (Nigeria), my heart goes," he said. The ambassador, who celebrated the millions of Italians, who, after the World War 2, had to emigrate the globe, looking for jobs prospects for survival, added that we all know what it is like to leave one's country and family behind, and revealed that "That is why we're trying to show understanding to the struggles of tens of thousands of Nigerianmigrants who leave this country every year”. Pontesilli recalled that Italy and Nigeria have enjoyed a good relationship for long and despite the developmental challenges, his country has remained strong, prosperous, and faithful to the cause.