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Migrants: Sport and integration, Coni's project in Catanzaro

Catanzaro - It's called 'Sport and integration' and it's a project approved and financed by Coni's regional committee, an initiative by the provincial delegation of Catanzaro, to contribute to the integration of young migrants, especially minors, in Calabria. The proposal was approved during a meeting of the Olympic committee, during which the 2017 budget was reorganized and the required funds were identified.A note says 'the project, conceived by provincial delegate Giampaolo Latella, aims at promoting social integration of foreigners through sport, by contrasting racial discrimination and intolerance and, especially, by promoting an idea of society open to multiple and multi-ethnic cultures.

'Sport and integration'  it says  is intended for young migrants living in shelters in the province of Catanzaro, and involves holding sport introduction classes, competitive training lessons, technical and regular training. A program during which attendees will be assisted by technical and professional trainers (not exclusively from the Olympic world), who will be in charge of helping youngsters through the integration process, teaching them different skills, including general rules of behavior, assistance, hygiene and safety. In Catanzaro, Coni 'has put a lot of faith in this project', which is of 'great social value for a region, such as Calabria, that stands out for the quality of the hospitality offered to migrants. Considering the importance it attributes to these issues, Coni's objective in the region's capital city, is to get the best shelter facilities involved, based mainly on the principles of transparency and legality.

The spirit of the 'Sport and integration' project  it says  aims at highlighting the power of sport when it comes to creating a sense of community: nothing is better than practicing sports to get young people with different ethnic origins to meet and bond'. Spend time together to get through adversities and reach a common objective is the spirit of both sports activities and social life. This is why  Coni explains  the project "Sport and Integration" can play a significant role against frequent forms of xenophobia, helping young people to share a system of rules, develop the culture of respect and living together and, especially, build a common sense of belonging with people of the same age who come from a foreign contest'.