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Libya: Tunis mayor, Italy good for the Country's stability

Libya: Tunis mayor, Italy good for the Country's stability
Foto: Amine Landoulsi/ANADOLU AGENCY 
Saifallah Lasram (Afp) 

Rimini - The mayor of Tunis, Saifallah Lasram, publicly recognized the important role played by Italy in bringing stability to Libya, where the situation "is very complex: the uprising in 2011 and 2012 divided the Country and caused great suffering to its people. This is why said Lasram we particularly appreciate the efforts of a number of parties, including Italy, to ensure the unification of the Country. It is the base to guarantee new development for Libyan people". Saifallah Lasram, mayor of Tunis since 2011 who has directly experienced the recent developments in Tunisia's history, starting from the revolution that led, in 2011, to the so called Arab Spring was interviewed by

Lasram said "all countries and people must be truly united against terrorism: we must fight the enemies of freedom and humanity together, and share the same vision of the people and organizations that want to destabilize and destroy our countries". Terrorism, he concluded, "is not an enemy that stands before us, it's a hidden enemy. The first can be challenged man against man. The battle against the latter must be fought addressing civilization and mentality. This is the way forward".