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Libya: Russia is ready to widen its collaboration with Italy

Libya: Russia is ready to widen its collaboration with Italy
Foto: Alvaro Padilla Bengoa/Anadolu Agency (Afp) 

Moscow - Russia and Italy have begun to discuss collaboration in Libya, and Moscow is ready to intensify its diplomatic contacts with Rome on this dossier. This news was given to AGI by the head of the Russian contact group for Libyan negotiations, Lev Dengov, on the sidelines of a press conference at Moscows Club Valdai, where the main protagonist was the Libyan Vice-Premier Ahmed Maiteeq, who began a visit to Russia yesterday."Certain Italian channels are turning to Russia in relation to the situation in Libya, because they know that Moscow is a global player", explained Dengov, specifying that "for now, these contacts are on a private basis". "It is important that we have begun speaking to Italy about collaboration", he continued, also in terms of the two governments.
"In what we call 'the Italian Spring' (the series of visits to Russia in recent months, by several ministers and by the Italian Premier, Paolo Gentiloni) - explained Dengov - various government representatives have come to Russia, and Libya was been discussed various times." "In future, it is very possible that these contacts (between the Foreign Ministers of Italy and Russia) will be taken further. For Italy, Libya is a highly important issue, and this is why we are doing our best to help and give our advice". "Whether and how this collaboration will formally begin is currently under discussion - he concluded - The decision must be taken by the respective Foreign Ministers."