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Libya :  Pinotti   meets   Haftar  in Rome on the stabilization agenda

Libya: Pinotti meets Haftar in Rome on the stabilization agenda
 Foto: Twitter
Roberta Pinotti e Khalifa Belqasim Haftar (Difesa)

​ Rome - The meeting held in Palazzo Baracchini between the Minister of Defense, Roberta Pinotti and General Khalifa Belqasim Haftar focused how to stabilize Libya, fight against international terrorism and control migratory flows. A discussion - stresses the Ministry of Defense - which was 'part of a series of meetings and contacts between Italian authorities and the Libyan spokesperson.' Minister Pinotti confirmed 'Italian support of the inclusive political strategy of the UN envoy, Gassam Salamé, to boost the dialogue with Libyas politicians and hoped all parties would contribute effectively to that strategy and exclude any military solution. He confirmed that every Italian initiative of collaboration would show total respect for Libyas sovereignty. as requested by the Libyans.'General Haftar 'recalled the suffering of the Libyan people after seven years of war and the need for a rapid solution, which would ensure Libyas stability and unity. The note from the Defense continues saying that the spokesman from Cyrenaica thanked Minister Pinotti for Italys commitment in the North African country and acknowledged the spirit of collaboration to bring peace to Libya. General Haftar particularly expressed his appreciation for Italys offer in the health sector to care for injured Libyans in Italian hospitals.Haftars first meeting was with the Chief of the Defense Staff, General Claudio Graziano, for a discussion on 'military technical topics'. More specifically, 'the discussion between the two generals focused on the activity of General Haftars forces against the Isis militants present in Cyrenaica and on the desire to collaborate in the fight against terrorism and to oppose illegal trafficking.'The visit - concludes the Ministry - was very cordial and ended with the auspice that the objective of peace-making and stabilization of the country would soon be achieved.'