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Lebanon: University of Udine, "Designing the Wine Process"

Lebanon: University of Udine, "Designing the Wine Process"
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Beirut - The Italian Cultural Institute in Beirut informs: the University of Udine Architectural Summer School called “Bacco’s. Designing the Wine Process”, will take place on June 2018 in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, North-East of Italy. This innovative project is organized by the Department of Architecture of the University in collaboration with major wine-producing companies in the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia – a place where the local landscape has been strongly attached to the wine culture for centuries.

The Summer school offers an intense seven-day program, made by morning and afternoon courses/laboratories/on-site work in various fields of interests with concrete opportunities of design, planning and organization. Students will discuss together the architecture Summer School themes, will visit the wineries to know their design needs will have up to four days of workshops on the theme and will present their works. Moreover, they will be involved in the territory through the participation to touristic trips and extra curricula activities.

Participants could choose from large-scale activities, such as product design (glasses or bottles), communication assignments (labels, fair expositions) and of course actual architectural and panoramic planning (winery establishment and landscape). This is a great opportunity of work on-site in authentic wine producing areas, in order to provide an added value in every participant's professional agenda. Contacts: International Relations Office University of Udine;