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Kuwait: Combating human trafficking, Italy participates 

Kuwait: Combating human trafficking, Italy participates

Kuwait - At the Sheraton Hotel in Kuwait City, the Deputy Head of Mission of the Italian Embassy in Kuwait, Andrea Quartieri, participated in the workshop entitled "Kuwait's efforts in combating human trafficking", organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait, with the participation of the International Organization for Migration (represented by the Head of the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit Protection). The event is part of the "Project to consolidate the role and efforts of the State of Kuwait in the sphere of human rights".
Intervening on Kuwait's behalf were the Assistant Foreign Minister for Development Affairs, the Ambassador Nasser Al-Sabeeh, senior officials of the Ministry of the Interior, the Attorney General of the Emirate, as well as the Director of the Housing Center. Kuwait maintains close rapport with international organizations involved in the fight against human trafficking, a Kuwaiti diplomat said. Kuwait's assistant foreign minister of development affairs Ambassador Nasser Al-Sabeeh was addressing a seminar over the country's efforts to keep human trafficking at bay, where he spoke of the foreign ministry's plan to bring his country's well-chronicled contributions to humanitarian causes into the limelight. He recalled that Kuwait had actively participated in the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly last September, where a UN plan to rid the world of human trafficking was promulgated, underlining the gravity of the scourge. The Kuwaiti envoy went on to explain how human trafficking has morphed into a global dilemma with destructive effects on the social and economic fronts, citing effective legislations his country has passed in efforts to crack down on this nefarious practice. On a related note, Al-Sabeeh said that he was ecstatic that Kuwait has been granted "observer status" in the International Organization for Migration, which is a testament to the country's diligent efforts to eradicate social ills. Meanwhile, Amy Mahoney, the head of the IOM's Counter-trafficking and Protection unit in New York, heaped praise on Kuwait for its commitment to crush human trafficking.