Israel: Mozart's Don Giovanni in Tel Aviv

Israel: Mozart's Don Giovanni in Tel Aviv
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Don Giovanni di Mozart (IIC Tel Aviv) 

Tel Aviv - The Opera of Israel, in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture, presents Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with the Israel Symphony Orchestra directed by Daniel Oren. Solo singers include: Roberto Lorenzi and Guido Loconsolo as Leporello, Mariano Buccini and Carlo Striuli as the Commendatore, Daniel Giulianini as Masetto.

The fact that Mozart's Don Giovanni has become a key reference of western culture, not just musically, is due to its mythical nature: like Faust, it is a foundation of modern age that immediately permeated the world of theater. The Opera premieres on 8 February and continues until 24 February, at the Opera of Israel, Shaul HaMelech Bld in Tel Aviv.