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Israel: Italy for the preservation of ancient Akko

Israel: Italy for the preservation of ancient Akko
foto: Twitter 
Akko (IIC Haifa)

Haifa - For the series "The Italian Connection, The Hidden and the visible in Ancient Akko", a lecture and guided tour dedicated to the role of Italy in the preservation of Acre's architectonic, artistic and archaeological heritage. The event will take place on Tuesday, November 7th, at 17, in the International Conservation Center-Citta' di Roma at Rehov Salah El Basri, Old Akko.

    In the constructions field, the relationship between Italy and the Land of Israel dates far back in time. Roman influence is evident in Judea during the reign of Herod and in Akko during the Crusaders and Ottoman periods. Such relationship consolidated towards the end of last century, when Akko was rediscovered by Italian architects, historians and experts in various fields of conservation and restoration.

    This renewed interest produced extensive researches, which led to numerous collaboration agreements between Italy and Israel regarding urban planning and conservation. A guided tour through the sites and neighborhoods of Akko, which have been studied and cared for by Italian archaeological missions, will follow Mr. Ya'acov Sheffer's lecture.