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Innovation: Eni main partner of SingularityU Italy Summit

Innovation: Eni main partner of SingularityU Italy Summit
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Singularity University

Rome - Eni is the main partner of the first edition of the SingularityU Italy Summit 2017 at the "Stella Polare" convention center of Rho - Fiera (Milan). The Singularity University is a world-renowned training and innovation community founded in 2008 in Mountain View, in the heart of the NASA Ames Research Center and of California's Silicon Valley. It brings together and connects influencers and innovators from all around the world, using exponential technology to enable individuals and complex organizations to learn, network and innovate, adopting solutions that use acceleration and simplifying technologies. SingularityU offers Eni - which has always been committed to fighting climate change through technological innovation - the opportunity to get an overview of the ongoing industrial transformation and of the materiality of technologies that can affect business, such as robotics, artificial intelligence, energy, the Internet of Things, nanotechnology, Big Data and genetics. It is very likely that the energy sector will be radically changed by various forms of clean energy and storage, efficiency measures linked to Big Data, new materials, robotics, innovative processes and different forms of consumption. Eni will be at SingularityU with Exponential Energy, in a 60-square meter exhibition area to showcase its energy model through three experiential scale models of Eni's technologies and the interactive Data Lab. The first model is dedicated to Waste to Fuel (W2F) technology, which turns the organic fraction of municipal solid waste into biofuel; the second model is the Building Integrated Photo - Voltaics (BIPV), an experimental project for an energy self-sufficient building with Luminescent Solar Concentrators (LSC) and flexible photovoltaic panels (OPV, Organic Photo-Voltaics), the new frontier of Eni's cutting-edge photovoltaic technology. The third model concerns the Extir® Galileo project, consisting of a building with insulation slabs made from styrenic polymers. Produced by Versalis, they belong to a category of extremely versatile plastic materials characterized by lightness, mechanical strength, high insulating properties and recyclability.The Eni Data Lab will also be featured in the Exponential Energy area. Drawing on these three technologies on display, Eni's Data Lab presents visitors with projections of hypothetical application scenarios, illustrated by scale models, through a data-based experience. Visitors will be able to learn more about these technologies and appreciate the benefits of their future use. To conclude, the Social Listening area monitors the progress of online conversations in relation to the Eni technologies presented.