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Formula 1: partnership Eni-Aci, Monza becomes 'Eni Circuit'

Formula 1: partnership Eni-Aci, Monza becomes 'Eni Circuit'
Formula 1: partnership Eni-Aci, Monza diventa 'Circuito Eni'

Monza - Monza's racing circuit has been renamed "Monza Eni Circuit" with Eni as its exclusive sponsor. Eni has also become a national sponsor of the Monza Formula 1 Grand Prix. This is the result of a three-year partnership signed by ACI - Automobile Club Italia and Eni, which will last from 2017 to 2019. "Through this partnership, Eni contributes to the safeguard of one of the world's oldest permanent car racing circuits. It aims to support sport values, that is, history, tradition, competition and loyalty, values in which the company recognizes itself and believes in.Formula 1 represents the sports best union between research and innovation, which are also indispensable elements of the company's transformation and growth strategy", said Claudio Granata, Eni Chief Services & Stakeholder Relations Officer.
   The world of motors is one of the areas in which Eni is the most committed to research and development, putting its ability to innovate at the service of sustainable mobility. For example, Eni produces different types of innovative fuels, such as greendiesel, which is produced in Eni's bio-refinery in Venice. It is produced with Eni's proprietary Ecofining technology, which allows the production of biofuel using vegetable oils from cultivated crops or from exhausted, recycled or waste products.