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Food:  Tuscany , 8  million   Euros  to  promote   wine   worldwide

Food: Tuscany, 8 million Euros to promote wine worldwide

Florence - Eight million Euros will be allocated to promote Tuscan wine in international markets. This is the content of the call for bids "OCM vino - Promozione" that was opened in the last few days. Promoted by the Tuscany Regional Administration and funded by the EU, the call for bids foresees the allocation of subsidies for implementing campaigns to promote Tuscan wines in international markets outside of the European Union. "It is a major opportunity for the whole Tuscan wine supply chain," the Regional Councilor for Agriculture of Tuscany, Marco Remaschi, points out. Participation in the call for bids is open to various types of parties, such as professional and inter-professional organizations, wine producer organizations, consortia, producers and public bodies. The subsidy for promotion in foreign markets is in proportion to the type of actions envisaged and varies from a minimum subsidy of 50,000 Euros to a maximum of 500,000 Euros. The subsidy will have to cover up to 50% of the costs incurred for: public relations, promotion and publicity activities, participation in events, trade fairs and exhibitions of international importance, information campaigns, and studies to evaluate the results of information and promotional activities. Applications must be submitted online only, on the IT system of Sviluppo Toscana S.p.A., no later than 1pm on November 13, 2017.