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China:  Ambassador  to Rome, Xi  wants  to  boost  economy and PCC

China: Ambassador to Rome, Xi wants to boost economy and PCC

Rome - Economic strengthening of the country, improvement of living conditions and creation of a rule of law. In the sign of PCC, the Chinese Communist Party. According to the Chinese ambassador in Rome, Lu Ruiyu, the guidelines outlined by Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jinping in his book 'Governing China', whose Italian translation was presented today in the Senate Zuccari Hall:"President Xi Jinping's first idea - said the ambassador - is to clarify China's new development path through economic growth, improved living conditions, and the creation of a rule of law-. Lines which have given direction to China's global development" he added. Also for the Chinese diplomat, the Beijing leader intends to "strengthen the party's management, which has the duty to preserve purity and maintain contact with its people: they have concluded that the Chinese dream can only be reborn with the Communist Party at the center".