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Building  Energy   launches   photovoltaic   plant  in Uganda

Building Energy launches photovoltaic plant in Uganda

Rome - Building Energy, the Global Integrated IPP operating in the renewable energy sector in Italy and abroad, launched its first photovoltaic plant in Uganda, in the town of Tororo, approximately 10km from the border with Kenya. With its 10 MWp capacity (16 GWh annual production), the Tororo solar plant is one of the largest in Eastern Africa and was fully developed by the Italian company that organized the plant's financing, building and operations. According to a press release, the plant's operations were launched at the presence of Matteo Brambilla, Building Energy's MD Africa and Middle East, and Attilio Pacifici, EU Ambassador and EU Head of Delegation in Uganda.The plant consists of 32,240 solar panels distributed across 14 hectares and it will generate 16 GWh of power per year, which will satisfy the energy demand of 35,838 people. The solar plant will not only satisfy the energy needs of the community, but it will also power the industrial development of the city of Tororo, while preventing the emission of 7,200 tons of CO2 every year, corresponding to nearly 2,800 petrol fueled cars.