Autogrill: agreement with Pret A Manger in USA and Europe

Autogrill: agreement with Pret A Manger in USA and Europe

Milan - Autogrill has signed an agreement with Pret A Manger allowing 'Pret' to open sale points in the main airports in the Sates and in European airports and train stations, including in the Netherlands and in Denmark. Autogrill will manage the new branches in the States through its subsidiary HmsHost, while HmsHost International will manage those in Europe.

The first two branches will open at Copenhagen airport at the beginning of 2018, followed by another branch in the Netherlands. "This agreement with Pret enables us to bring one of the most successful brands in the world to our airports and train stations. This will allow us to add a unique offer to our portfolio of over 300 brands  commented Ezio Balarini, marketing director of Autogrill  we are pleased with this new and important partnership with Pret, a brand that sharesthe same business vision as us, in terms of sustainability, food quality, freshness and innovation. Currently, Pret A Manger has more than 440 branches in seven countries across the world (United Kingdom, United States, Hong Kong, China, Dubai and Singapore). A company born in London in 1986 with the objective of serving fresh, natural food, artisanally prepared, with top quality service in a welcomingatmosphere.