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Africa: Confindustria, Italian plan to a "bridge" with Europe

Africa: Confindustria, Italian plan to a "bridge" with Europe
 Confindustria per l'Africa

Rome - An Italian plan for Africa in which Italy plays a leading role in the partnership between the continent and Europe. This is the proposal put forward by Confindustria, according to which Africa is facing both great opportunities and issues, as never before in its history. The main action points in the entrepreneurs' plan are: language, technical and managerial training for young Africans within Italian companies; the creation of African schools for industrial and bank managers; financing industrial start-ups in Africa; "using" African migration in Italy as a means to gain knowledge and develop local markets. Italy can be the "bridge" between Europe and Africa, offering important opportunities to companies. According to Confindustria Study Centre, if the new millennium's positive trend continues (+5% yearly), Africa's GDP will double by 2030 and, as a consequence, its impact on global economy will increase from 3 to 5%. Italian companies are already "in action": in 2015-2016, with a total investment of 11.6 billion dollars in 36 projects, Italy was the third greenfield investor in Africa, after China (38.4 billion) and the United Arab Emirates (14.9 billion), ahead of the US (10.4 billion) This is due mainly to large projects in the energy sector, which will last in time ? says the CSC report ? allowing Italy to remain, for years to come, one of the main investors in the African continent.