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"Welcome Chinese" guide to serve Chinese tourists in Rome

"Welcome Chinese" guide to serve Chinese tourists in Rome
Direttore Generale per la Promozione del Sistema Paese, Vincenzo De Luca (foto da Farnesina)

Rome - The Farnesina hosted the event 'Welcome Chinese', a new reception service for Chinese tourists, where it presented the "Guide through the flavours and pleasures of Rome", published by the daily La Repubblica and translated into Chinese. The La Repubblica Guide will be disseminated in China through the digital communication channels of Aeroporti di Roma (ADR). "We are promoting relations between Italy and China through culture to foster exchanges in tourism, " said the Director General for Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation, Vincenzo De Luca, who addressed the presentation conference organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy. After the CinItalia app developed by Radio China International, LaRepubblica's guide "is yet another example of institutional collaboration which makes Rome a welcoming and friendly city for Chinese tourists," added Mr De Luca.

The Fiumicino Airport is a cutting edge example with its dedicated approach to the reception of Chinese tourist flows. It is also one of the European airports which boasts the highest number of direct connections to China, currently at 10. "Increasing the number of direct flights is a strategic operation to acquire diversified tourist flows and we must be ready," underlined Mr De Luca. In 2016, trade with China accounted for 38 billion euros, representing a considerable amount in the economic partnership.

Italy is also climbing up the ranks in terms of exports to China. In March 2017, Italy reported a 31 percent rise in exports compared to the same time in 2016. "Our entrepreneurial system is not only surviving, but developing in other markets," highlighted Mr De Luca. The figures are evidence of the intensity of relations. In 2006, Italy granted visas to approximately 50,000 Chinese visitors. In 2015 the number of visas granted was close to 500,000. "For the Chinese tourist visiting Europe, landing in Berlin or Rome is the same thing. What makes the difference is the kind of welcome they receive, " said Giuseppe Cerasa, director of La Repubblica's Guide. Services like 'Welcome Chinese', offered by ADR, have turned the airport of Italy's capital city into one of the major gateways of China-Europe flows. Now it will benefit from the guide printed in Chinese, which will be disseminated via the official profile on Wechat, the Chinese instant messaging platform that currently has 1 billion accounts."La Repubblica produces the content and ADR distributes it in China, where it focuses on the city's offer, ranging from gastronomy to culture," explained Mr Cerasa.