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Vietnamese business delegation to travel to Italy in May

Vietnamese business delegation to travel to Italy in May

Bologna - A Vietnamese business delegation representing Becamex development agency and the Binh Doung province will be in Italy till the end of May, to hold a number of business meetings, organised by Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna and by the Italy-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce in Turin.

The delegation will travel to Milan on May 29, and to Naples and Rome on May 30 to meet with entrepreneurs and stakeholders and inform them about the opportunities offered by the Vietnamese market, especially in the southern Binh Doung province. "Our goal is to become a 'green' industrialised economy with a sustainable development policy," said Anna Maria Nguyen, head of the Vietnamese Desk at Unioncamere .

"To understand what that means, it will suffice to look at what is going on in Binh Duong, the leading province in industry, finance and trade, with an estimated exports value of 22 billion dollars, accounting for 12.5 percent of the Cocuntry's total exports. Binh Duong is the access point to the South of the country, an area economically developed. The province has set up 28 industrial parks over a surface area of 9,425 hectares with an employment rate above 65 percent. It is thanks to them that Binh Duong is gaining ground in the world for its technology and innovation."

Binh Duong is currently committed to modernise its economic and social infrastructures, through a development model involving social housing and every-day working spaces, living labs, for companies and universities working on new technologies. Vietnam is a competitive platform to do business in the Asean region, an economic community made up by 10 South East Asian countries that has become, since 2015, one of the largest free trade areas in the world. It also enjoyes privileged relations with China, Japan and South Korea.

The Vietnamese market has a population of more than 90 million inhabitants, and is characterised by a rising demand for consumer goods and by a growing purchasing power. Its per capita GDP has increased 10 fold in the past ten years. Vietnam has recently changed its economic and development policies, starting from an infrastructure requalification plan that is due to schedule extensive works accounting for 170 billion dollars, by 2020. The Italy-Vietnam trade has doubled in the past five years reaching a total value of 4,304 million dollars in 2015, and is still growing. Italy is Vietnam's 4th business partner among European Union countries, accounting for 10.4 percent share over the total.