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Verdi Festival presented in Moscow

(AGI) Moscow, May 18 - The 2016 edition of the Verdi Festival (to take place Oct...

Verdi Festival presented in Moscow
Dimitry Bertman direttore Helikon Opera (afp) 

(AGI) Moscow, May 18 - The 2016 edition of the Verdi Festival (to take place Oct. 1-30 in Parma and Busseto) was presented at the Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow. It is dedicated to the German poet and playwright Friedrich Schiller, a source of inspiration for Italian composers including Giuseppe Verdi. Around 60 people took part in the event, including key figures of the Moscow musical and theatre scene such as Elena Oparkova, President of the Art Development Foundation, Dimitry Bertman, Director and Artistic Director of the Helikon Opera theatre, and Natalia Ignatenko, Director of the Elena Obraztsova Foundation. Various tourist operators also presented tailored holiday packages alongside the event programme. International cooperation for the Verdi Festival is organised by the Emilia-Romagna Region in cooperation with its partner tour operator Parma Incoming. There will be a roadshow stopping at major European tourist fairs and Italian Institutes of Culture abroad. Parma Incoming is also offering a tour entitled "Living the Verdi Festival: Great Music and the little capital", which includes overnight accommodation, dinner and tickets for two opera performances as well as visits to Verdi-related sites: the house where he was born in Roncole, the Casa Barezzi Museum, the Verdi Theatre in Busseto, the Giuseppe Verdi National Museum in Villa Pallavicino, and the new Renata Tebaldi Museum and Villa Verdi in Sant'Agata. All in all this is a very complete immersion in the life and work of Giuseppe Verdi, who is so well-known and loved in Russia too. (AGI). .