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Trieste Port to partner with German Duisburger Hafen

Trieste Port to partner with German Duisburger Hafen
 Il porto di Trieste

Trieste - The Port of Trieste and Duisburger Hafen, a public company running the harbour of the city of Duisburg, have agreed to strengthen their collaboration by signing an accord. Zeno D Agostino, president of Trieste's Autorita di Sistema Portuale del Mare Adriatico Orientale, and Erch Staake, president of Duisburger Hafen, signed the strategic cooperation agreement in the German city.

A communique reported that the Port of Trieste and the one at the confluence of two of the major waterways in Europe, the Rhine and the Ruhr rivers, will join forces to give rail freight a boost, and logistic centers will be jointly designed and constructed. Duisburg is the largest central logistics hub in Europe, and has been operating for many years as a distributive logistics platform for large international businesses. It represents an intermodal hub with river and railway connections to the entire continent, from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean, with China among the destinations.

In fact, the agreement seeks to conclude some strategic objectives for both ports. Duisburg aims at having a transport and logistics outlet on the Mediterranean and to be included within the Europe-Turkey-Iran corridors.