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Tributes paid to Italian actor Bud Spencer

(AGI) Rome, June 29 - A long procession of fans and members of the public paid t...

Tributes paid to Italian actor Bud Spencer
 Bud Spencer camera ardente Campidoglio

(AGI) Rome, June 29 - A long procession of fans and members of the public paid tribute on Tuesday at the mortuary of Rome City Hall, to Bud Spencer, a much loved actor who died two days ago aged 86. Visits are staggered and police are checking everyone with metal detectors and examining the contents of bags and backpacks. Flowers surround the open coffin with his family sitting beside it. One of the first to arrive on Tuesday morning was former Mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno and an executive of Lazio football club who placed a club flag before the coffin. Mr Spencer was a big fan. There is also a picture frame with a set of photos from some of his films and a can of beans, a symbol that recurred in many of the actor's films and refers to the film "Anche gli angeli mangiano fagioli" ("Even Angels Eat Beans"). Carlo Pedersoli, aka Bud Spencer, "was a free man, with a great zest for life. He was curious to know about the afterlife and now he will already be dancing under the stars," said his daughter Christiana. She went on: "Living life like that as it comes and accepting it, that was his philosophy, accepting the good and the evil and overcoming it with a smile." His son Giuseppe, said: "I don't ever remember him sad, even in recent difficult days he never lost the desire to joke. He had no particular illness," but died "suddenly: he passed away peacefully and we are receiving messages from around the world". An Olympians Association flag has also been placed at the foot of the coffin. He also competed in swimming at the 1960 Rome Olympics. "It is great to feel the warmth of all the people today waiting in the sun to say a final goodbye," said his son Giuseppe Pedersoli. "He was a good father to us but we knew that we shared him with many other people, and not only in Italy, as we can see from the letters that have also come from China and Iraq. This is why we believe that his energy will never fade away." The soundtracks from some of his films played in the Protomoteca room at City Hall. Friends who wanted to pay a last tribute also included tennis champion Nicola Pietrangeli and actor Massimo Ghini. "His last word was 'thanks', but today we are saying thanks to Bud Spencer and are paying homage to the gentle giant that many of us loved," said the newly elected Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi in her eulogy.. .