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Delrio: more cooperation Italy-Iraq on infrastructures and transports

Delrio: more cooperation Italy-Iraq on infrastructures and transports
Graziano Delrio (imagoeconomica) 

Rome - The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Graziano Delrio, received his Iraqi counterpart, Kadhum Finjan Al Hamami, at the Ministry on Thursday morning. The ministers talked about bilateral cooperation in the field of infrastructure and transportation.

Minister Delrio highlighted Italy's continuous support in favour of the unity and territorial integrity of Iraq, which are crucial factors for the stability of the region. Further proof of Italy's support is the presence of Italian companies in Iraq and the Italian contribution to the Iraqi Transportation Plan.

The Iraqi Minister Al Hamami expressed the interest of his country concerning an Italian contribution, particularly in the security and management of airports and air transportation, ports and sea transportation. The two ministers expressed their determination to strengthen cooperation between the two countries, especially in the sectors of infrastructure and transportation in order to promote prosperity for the Iraqi people.