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Simest buys stake in Exor software company

Simest buys stake in Exor software company
 Exor (Afp)

Rome - A stake in Exor Electronic Research and Development has been bought by SIMEST, a corporation of the CDP group, which focuses on exports and internationalisation. Exor is an incorporated company set up in the United States in 1989 by Exor International from Verona, which markets hardware and software made in Italy.

The investment is for 44 percent of the capital (approximately 500,000 euros) and aims at creating a commercial facility which will also serve the west coast of the United States, Canada and Mexico, areas believed to offer a number of opportunities.

Exor International (supported by Nexinvest, a Vicenza-based advisory company) is the operational arm of a group of firms working in the planning and production of Human Machine Interface - displays and software for the interface between men and machines - and controls for industrial and civilian automation. In 2015, Exor had a turnover of 16.4 million euros and employed approximately 80 people.