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Rome's Fiumicino Airport features starred chefs cuisine

Rome's Fiumicino Airport features starred chefs cuisine
fiumicino aeroporto (Afp) 

Rome - The E area of Fiumicino Airport is featuring starred chefs Gianfranco Pascucci and Sandro Serva offering culinary specialties and top wines to passengers. The chefs, among the most celebrated in the Lazio Region, have set up a true cooking show in such an unusual setting in one of the areas of the international departures.

The initiative has been organised by the Lazio Region and Ardisl, in cooperation with ADR [the company running Rome airports]. It confirms that Rome's major airport can become an ambassador of top quality Italian cuisine offering culinary excellence in an international setting.

Area E accounts for several catering services ranging from Mediterranean products to Asian menus to gourmet burgers with the support of starred chefs as famous as Heinz Beck and Cristina Bowermann, who have contributed to the event thanks to world-famous culinary creations. The Cooking Show was opened by the Governor of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, the Mayor of the town of Fiumicino, Esterino Montino, and ADR's CEO, Ugo De Carolis. The regional councillor for agriculture, Carlo Haussmann, also attended the event.

Chefs treated transit passengers to their creations, an excellent exhibit of the region's wine and food products. They were supported in the presentation by a team of students from Fiumicino's Baffi Hotellerie School and Rieti's Sereni Agrarian School, a part of the Aeroporti di Roma initiative. "In this area, we have created corners offering the typical Roman and Lazio cuisine, where top wine and food products may also be purchased," said ADR's CEO Ugo De Carolis. "As of today, Lazio and its products are being showcased in this beautiful space where millions of people are in transit. On display are gastronomy, scenic territories, beautiful towns and historic and archeological sites. There is a shopping area and a catering area where products exclusively from Lazio are to be prepared," said the governor of the region, Nicola Zingaretti.

"These starred chefs from our Region will perform in cooking shows to exhibit the quality of our territories. It is the first time we are promoting Lazio products in this setting. I think it is a correct way to do it, not with conferences, but with millions of people coming from the four corners of the world, who will take away memories of our region. Airports are the 'inns' of the future, places where travelers and passengers stop to find respite. It is the right place to showcase our quality. "