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RIVE, Italy's vine & wine culture fair, to be in Pordenone

RIVE, Italy's vine & wine culture fair, to be in Pordenone
 vino rosso (pixabay)

Rome - The International Vine and Wine Production Review, RIVE, was launched in Rome in anticipation of the December event in Pordenone. "The future of Italy's vine and wine sector is conditioned by the concrete application of scientific research results. It enables us to react to the risks of cliamte changes and provide guarantees to consumers on the safety of food products," said Attilio Scienza, Professor at the University of Milan. He was one of the major grapevine production experts in attendance at the inaugural event of the RIVE, which will take place in the Fiera di Pordenone on Dec. 12-14.

The fair will run alongside Enotrend, with an extensive programme of workshops and conferences. "Genetic innovation and precision viticulture will be the main topics of the event. Applying scientific research is a change maker, providing a new future to Italy's viticulture, which must not mean producing cheap wines." This is the vision of the Pordenone Fiere SpA, the organiser of the event. They seek to contribute to changing the paradigm and making Italian viticulture and wine making more competitive.

The international fair brings together Italy's wealth of knowledge and its scientific research in the vine and wine sector. It also offers Italian firms in the wine industry -from farm to cellar- major development opportunities and the full support to the industry in Friuli Venezia Giulia and the rest of the country. "RIVE is a vertical event. It starts with the vine shoot in the vineyard, the machinery, the chemicals and the equipment all the way down to the cellar, with its wine presses and winemakers, casks, containers, yeasts and other fermentation products, as well as bottling and labeling systems. This event is a unique project which gathers together all the phases of production in a single event, as they do in France with Vinitech or Sitevi. This is a different initiative from all the others organised in Italy and seeks to fill a gap which still exists at fair events, setting up the very first vertical line starting from the vineyard all the way to wine production, " said Pietro Piccinetti, CEO of Pordenone Fiere.