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Plan in works for Eataly to be on stock market in 2018

Plan in works for Eataly to be on stock market in 2018
 Oscar Farinetti (Afp)

Bologna - Eataly could potentially be listed on the stock market in 2018. "The idea of the stock exchange is in our plans and we will do it. It is right to do it. We must stimulate Italian firms to go on the stock exchange. We have a 'Borsetta' [a small stock exchange], but it is not a true stock exchange. It generates less than 500 billion euros, while the London stock exchange produces 2300 billion. The Milan exchange capitalises half of Apple's value. The time has come to give incentives to people to go on the stock exchange," said the founder of Eataly, Oscar Farinetti.

He was replying to those who asked him about his company's possible listing, which he hypothesised could be accomplished "next year". "We are still deciding whether on not to be listed on the Milan stock exchange. New York would be welcome and we would consider it a golden opportunity if we were to be listed there. However, we would like to be in Milan and above all, offer the opportunity to Italian families to become shareholders of Eataly. We will only list a third of the company on the stock exchange, because we want to run the company ourselves," said Mr Farinetti, on the sidelines of a meeting held at Hera on the circular economy.