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New app CinItalia a helpful tool for Italy-China relations

(AGI) Rome, Sept 19 - The CinItalia app aims to be a bridge to overcome language...

New app CinItalia a helpful tool for Italy-China relations
 Rapporti Cina Italia nuova app cinitalia farnesina (sito)

(AGI) Rome, Sept 19 - The CinItalia app aims to be a bridge to overcome language barriers between Italy and China and a tool to increase mutual knowledge, enabling a wide range of users to obtain and utilise useful information. The characteristics of this new app were unveiled at the Farnesina during the meeting "Italia e Cina - i nuovi media per lo sviluppo dei sistemi paese" (Italy and China: new media to develop the countries' cultural, economic and innovation systems) in the presence of the Farnesina's Director-General for Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation, Vincenzo De Luca, the Deputy Minister and Director General of China Radio International (CRI), Wang Gengnian, and the Chinese Ambassador to Italy, Li Ruiyu. Mr De Luca said the app "is a concrete example of integrated communication" and is "the fruit of joint actions" by all the parties involved in Italy's Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation. Through the app, devised by CRI, the Farnesina wishes to "gather everything we have to offer, proposing not only a tourist visit but an all-around cultural experience". The information will be given in both Italian and Chinese, with news on "beautiful cultural and landscape assets, UNESCO sites, restaurants but also airports and universities", Mr De Luca added. This is also thanks to the "fine-tuned harmony" between the Farnesina and Italy's Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) regarding the internationalistation of the university and post-graduate system, said the MIUR's Federico Cinquepalmi. "With China, which has a millenia-old culture, we express ourselves in different tongues but speak the same language". The key phrase is "reciprocity in collaboration", added the Farnesina's Undersecretary for Economic Development, Antonello Giacomelli. The initiative "stems from the conviction that two countries with such significant cultures can work together to develop important products not only for their respective national communities but the entire international market," he stated. "Together we'll send a very important signal, promoting our cultural and artistic heritages and intensifying knowledge among our communities." (AGI). .