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Naples holds 'Narratives of Movement' music conference

(AGI) Rome, June 24 - Musicologists and music historians from all over the world...

Naples holds 'Narratives of Movement' music conference
 Napoli lungomare Caracciolo

(AGI) Rome, June 24 - Musicologists and music historians from all over the world are meeting in Naples for the first time for the "Narratives of Movement" conference. A five-day programme will focus on the Mediterranean, its traditions, exchanges and cultures at the conference from June 21 to 26. It will include speeches, reports and debates with concerts in locations that have marked the history of Naples and its music: the austere rooms at the University of Naples "L'Orientale" in Palazzo Corigliano, close to the scene where talented musician Carlo Gesualdo's carried out his grim murders, the ancient Naples Conservatory of Music in the complex of San Pietro a Majella, the atmospheric Palazzo Donn'Anna with its foundations falling into the sea, and the Casa Museo Ragni/Rossini at Villa Belvedere in the Vomero district. The event was promoted by the International Council for Traditional Music, through its Mediterranean music research group, the International Musicological Society, thanks to the hospitality of the centuries-old L'Orientale and the Naples Conservatory of Music. The contribution of the International Association for Mediterranean and Oriental Studies has been invaluable. It has absorbed several prestigious 20th-century institutions and promotes research on the culture and countries of Asia and Africa and their interaction with the Mediterranean basin. Maestro De Simone will be in discussion with Professor Alessandro Pagliara at the Conservatoire on Saturday afternoon on "The Metamorphoses of Tradition." Saturday is also the 40th anniversary of the composition of the Maestro's opera "Cinderella the Cat," a point of reference in the history and evolution of the Mediterranean cultures. (AGI). .