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Museum of Peace opens in Naples

(AGI) Naples, June 28 - The new Museum of Peace (MAMT: Mediterranean, Art, Archi...

Museum of Peace opens in Naples

(AGI) Naples, June 28 - The new Museum of Peace (MAMT: Mediterranean, Art, Architecture, Archaeology, Environment, Music, Migration, Traditions and Tourism) will open in Naples on Wednesday. The museum will be housed in the historic Grand Hotel de Londres building in Piazza Municipio in the city centre, near the underground station designed by Alvaro Siza and to the cruise port. It covers five floors and consists of 12 "emotional" itineraries, including one devoted to Naples icon Pino Daniele as well as an area devoted to the sculptor Mario Molinari. The space was conceived and overseen by Michele Capasso for the Mediterranean Foundation, which has been working for dialogue and peace in the Mediterranean and in the world for more than 25 years. Entry to the museum is free. It is a "house" for welcoming and protecting, as the term "MAMT" - which means "your mother" in Neapolitan dialect, i.e. the person "who welcomes" - suggests. The Museum's five floors set out the things that have united and which now unite the Mediterranean people and people all over the world: music, science, art, creativity, craftsmanship, solidarity, traditions, customs, food, destiny and much more. The emotional itineraries are based around important themes, including migration, interreligious dialogue, music, stories of peace and legality. They all feature more than 5,000 high definition (4K) unique videos and objects, findings and testimonies that have helped shaped the museum as the "emotional heritage of humanity" and inform its title as "Museum of the Emotions". The 12 emotional journeys are as follows: The Mediterranean of Emotions; The Mediterranean of Light; The Mediterranean of Creativity; The Mediterranean of Skills; Songs of the Sea; Migrant Voices; One Sea, Three Faiths; Stories of Peace; Countries and Institutions; Testimonies and Visits; Molinari the Sculptor of Colour; and Pino Daniele Alive. International countries and institutions, including the United Nations and the Parliamentary Assembly for the Union of the Mediterranean, have embraced the museum's mission to promote "beauty" and all the things that "unite us" through high definition videos. (AGI). .