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Mozambique: international mediators take a break

(AGI) - Maputo, Jul 28 - The international mediators of the political dialogue b...

Mozambique: international mediators take a break
 Mozambico parlamento

(AGI) - Maputo, Jul 28 - The international mediators of the political dialogue between the Government and the former rebel group, "Mozambican National Resistance - RENAMO" announced that "for logistical reasons" will interrupt their presence in Mozambique and should return to the country on 08 August. International mediators have been in Mozambique for two weeks invited by the Government and by RENAMO to help the two parties to find ways to end the armed conflict that for more than two affects this Southern African nation of 23 million inhabitants. "It's a break for logistical issues. We have been here for days now, and no one had a specific program, but now we do?, said Italian Mario Raffaelli, coordinator of the international mediators. Rafaelli represents the European Union in the mediation. In addition to the European Union, the group of international mediators also includes South Africa and the Catholic Church, invited by RENAMO, and the former President of Botswana, Quett Masire, the Global Leadership Foundation of former USA Undersecretary for African Affairs, Chester Crocker, the Faith Foundation, led by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former President of Tanzania, Jakaya Kikwete, invited by the Government. Raffaelli added that once the important issues have been identified, the mediators will focus their attention on those issues, with the hope that the negotiations can be concluded as soon as possible. In the dialogue session that took place Tuesday, the mediators drafted a proposal that deals with the first point of the agenda, which is related RENAMO?s demand to rule in the six provinces where it obtained the most votes in the last general elections, in 2014, which results RENAMO refuses to recognize allegedly because they were fraudulent. (AGI) .