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MAXXI dedicates exhibit to Italian Republic's 70 years

(AGI) Rome, June 2 - Forty masters of photography and 150 pictures will tell Ita...

MAXXI dedicates exhibit to Italian Republic's 70 years
 La mostra 'Extroardinary Visions. L'Italia ci guarda'  al Maxxi di Roma

(AGI) Rome, June 2 - Forty masters of photography and 150 pictures will tell Italy's story through beauty, contradictions, and a look towards the future in an exhibition at the National Museum of the 21st Century Arts (MAXXI). "They offer us a chance to reflect on our country," said Giovanna Melandri, president of the Maxxi foundation, during the press conference to present the "Extraordinary Visions: l'Italia ci guarda", dedicated to the 70 years since the birth of the Italian Republic. The exhibition will run from June 2 to October 23, with the aim to "not only celebrate the Republic's 70 years but also try to rediscover our sense of national unity and launch us towards a rebirth", Ms Melandri stated. Sponsored by BNL and curated by Margherita Guccione, director of MAXXI Architecture, with the support of a group composed of Simona Antonacci, Ilenia D'Ascoli, Laura Felci, and Monia Trombetta, the exhibition traces a path among the contradictions and pluralisms that characterise Italy, immortalised through the lenses of renowned Italian and foreign photographers such as Olivo Barbieri, Gabriele Basilico, Franco Fontana, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Silvia Camporesi (winner of the BNL prize), and Massimiliano Vitali. "The exhibition," Ms Guccione affirmed, "is a visual journey through over 100 photographs of Italy's natural and cultural features from the last 30 years. It presents an image far removed from Italy's current stereotypes. It's also a journey into the most advanced expressions and experimentations of contemporary photography." Through its sponsorship, BNL said it is "committed to the development of photography, with the awareness that this is one of the most expressive and representative languages in contemporary art". Among the most recent events was the MIA PHOTO Fair in Milano in late April - early May, during which BNL promoted the "BNL Group BNP Paribas Prize". It is awarded to a young artist whose work, like in the previous four editions, was acquired by the bank and inserted among the 5000 pieces that make up its artistic assets. In addition, in order to promote its cultural initiatives and make them accessible to a greater and more interactive public, BNL created the Instagram account @bnl_cultura, dedicated to BNL's activities in the worlds of art, cinema, and music. (AGI). .