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London showcases the European art influences on Missoni

(AGI) London, Aug. 16 - London's Fashion and Textile Museum has opened the exhib...

London showcases the European art influences on Missoni
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(AGI) London, Aug. 16 - London's Fashion and Textile Museum has opened the exhibition "Missoni, art, colour", displaying a selection of the works of European artists who have inspired the creations of the famous Italian fashion house. The exhibition, which will run until Sept. 4, displays 40 paintings by painters of the calibre of Gino Severini, Lucio Fontana and Sonia Delaunay, who have always influenced the Maison Missoni. The works of art are from the Museo arte Gallarate (Ma*Ga) and from private collections and explore the elective affinities between European 20th Century art and the fashion creations and textiles developed by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni. The initiative, organised by the Ma*Ga Museum in partnership with the The Woolmark Company, is curated by Luciano Caramel, art historian and curator of the Biennale di Venezia and of the Quadriennale di Roma, Luca Missoni, art director of the Missoni Archive, and Emma Zanella, director of the Ma*Ga Museum and art historian and museologist. In addition to the display of artworks, the visitors' experience is enriched by a selection of looks designed from 1953 by Rosita Missoni and from 1997 by Angela Missoni, alongside experimental textiles, tapestries and paintings by Ottavio Missoni. "This exhibition aims to illustrate the creative process whereby the artwork is transposed into the forms of fashion," explained Luca Missoni, emphasising that "it is always a big challenge to rediscover the potential of our multi-coloured heritage in creating unique and positive experiences." He added: "I am happy that The Woolmark Company has partnered with us in bringing this exhibition to London. Wool is an essential ingredient of our work, to the extent that it is practically synonymous with Missoni: Missoni, knitwear, wool; wool, knitwear, Missoni". (AGI). .