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Lobbying in Italy's Chamber of Deputies is now regulated

Lobbying in Italy's Chamber of Deputies is now regulated
 Camera dei deputati (afp)

Rome - Lobbyists have been warned: regulations for lobbying on the premises of the Chamber of Deputies have become effective as of Friday, March 10. The regulations of interest representation activities within the premises of the Chamber of Deputies, approved on 26 April 2016, will be enforced as of Friday, March 10, including the registration of lobbyists. As of today, lobbyists will no longer be able to circulate freely within Montecitorio.

In particular they will not be allowed to stand before the Commission, as always happens during the examination of the Budget Law, but will have to remain in dedicated spaces. Also, former MPs will be asked to comply with the new regulations, should they intend to carry out lobbying activities. The same applies to former ministers or members of the executive government, who will have to register their names if at least one year has elapsed from the end of their mandate.

Among the impediments are having been indicted for crimes against the public administration, the public faith or the public heritage. The regulation does not, however, envisage specific sanctions to the transgressors except for being suspended or canceled from the register. One peculiarity is that neither the word 'lobby' nor the word 'lobbyists' appears in the regulations or in related measures..