Kazakhstan: Rossi, many chances for Lombardy energy companies

Kazakhstan: Rossi, many chances for Lombardy energy companies
 Antonio Rossi

Astana - On June 17, the Italian Pavilion at Astana EXPO 2017 hosted a conference where the delegation from Lombardy Province gave a presentation "Lombardy way to Green Future" in cooperation with the Association of Industrialists of the region of Lombardy "Assolombarda".

The Representatives of the Association of Entrepreneurs "Promos" and "Confartigianato", General Commissioner of the Italian Pavilion Stefano Ravagnan have also participated. Antonio Rossi, the head of Lombardy delegation, noted the huge interest from Italian business in Lombardy to Kazakhstan.

"Twenty companies from Lombardy came as part of our delegation. We expect deals and cooperation in such sectors as energy, furniture, food, machinery", Rossi said in an interview to AGI. "In Lombardy we have a strict policy on renewable energy and pollution. We are investing a lot in renewable energy", he explained. Rossi added that business climate in Kazakhstan was considered attractive to Italian business.

"We think that Kazakhstan offers lots of opportunities. Investments from Lombardy are equal to one fifth of total Italian investments abroad. Hence, Lombardy is interested in increased outside investments and to the places like Kazakshtan", Rossi explained.