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Kazakhstan: Almaty region new Eldorado for Italian companies

Kazakhstan: Almaty region new Eldorado for Italian companies
Kazakhstan - Almaty  (Afp)

Astana - The Italian businessmen intend to realize business projects in the Almaty region with the goal of entering Chinese markets and Almaty city. A wide delegation, that included the managers of large Italian companies such as Carmet, Brio, Longo, Infostrade, visited Taldykorgan and other sites in the region that borders China. Almaty region is in the south of Kazakhstan and borders both China and Kyrgyz Republic.

According to the Kazakh businessman Timurlan Baymukhambetov, the region is highly convenient in terms of logistics and transport routes. "The Italian delegation is pleasantly surprised by the success of the Kazakh economy. They see great opportunities for development in the Almaty region", Baymukhambetov said.

The regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan in Almaty region actively facilitated discussion of cooperation with the Italian delegation. Notargendelo Vincenzo, an export manager of Longo, noted that the company was ready to consider cooperation in metallurgy sector.

"Today, the metallurgical industry faces completely different challenges. Old technologies and approaches no longer work. Therefore, we are interested in knowing the state of the industry in your region. We can buy and process metal," Notargendelo Vincenzo explained. Longo is the world leader in the production of equipment on the chassis of sewage suction plants, hydrodynamic cleaning of pipelines and pipes, transport of hazardous waste etc. Italian companies also showed interest in the wind power development in Almaty region.

The General Director of Carmet Giovanni Puglies expressed hope for fruitful cooperation in the construction of photovoltaic and wind stations. Carmet is engaged in the production, installation of solar batteries.Sabino Caterino, CEO of the famous underwear clothing company Brio, intends to open the outlets of the company in Almaty. "Through the Almaty region we can enter the market of China and other countries. We intend not only to build an enterprise here, but also to train specialists and share our experience", Katerino noted.