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Italy launches project to promote southern cuisine

(AGI) Rome, July 21 - Italy has launched "Experience Italy South and Beyond - It...

Italy launches project to promote southern cuisine
 Experience italy south and beyond progetto per promozione agroalimentare

(AGI) Rome, July 21 - Italy has launched "Experience Italy South and Beyond - Italian Food". It is an official project in 12 EU states to promote Italian agribusiness. More than 200 Italian restaurants with nine million customers a year in the EU were selected among 2,000 restaurants certified abroad by the Ospitalita' Italiana (Italian Hospitality) Seal. From September to October, the project will enable 200,000 people to savour the products and typical dishes of the six regions in southern Italy and discover their tourist attractions. The project was planned by the Italian National Institute for Touristic Research (ISNART), which conducts research for the Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce, and was developed with the support of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. It promotes certified southern Italian food and wine through a digital strategy and involves 400 producers aged under 40. The producers were selected through a public competition on a platform that cross-referenced Italian restaurants certified with the Ospitalita' Italiana Seal. Those interested in the project can visit the multimedia, and share information from a multilingual Facebook page. "Experience South Italy" is the first international project to join the tourist attractions of Italy's six southern regions with the excellence of certified Italian DOP and Bio products. It carries out promotional and commercial activities, on and off-line, in 12 European states: UK; Sweden; Denmark; The Netherlands; Belgium; Germany; France; Switzerland; Spain; Czech Republic; Poland and Bulgaria. (AGI). .