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Italy in the World – April Agenda

Italy in the World – April Agenda
 Terra globo Italia

Every month, in the world, there are dozens of events organized by Italian Institutes of Culture, by ICE and other trade associations. Here is the most important happenings in April 12 places, 12 issues showing Italy of Culture, Arts and Business. 

Jakarta: Leonardo da Vinci lands in Southeast Asia

The genius of Leonardo da Vinci arrives for the first time in Southeast Asia. Starting from March 30 until April 10, the tour "BEING Leonardo da Vinci an impossible interview" touches the stages of Jakarta (March 30th), Bangkok (April 4th), Singapore (April 6th) and Hong Kong (April 10th) as part of a world tour that will end in 2019 on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the death of the Renaissance genius. The initiative, conceived and built by Massimiliano Flory Finazzer director and performer, is the result of a close collaboration with the Embassy and Italian Cultural Institute. The show interprets the universal vision of the Renaissance genius and discovers the artist, the scientist, the inventor. His secret? The working method, his passions, the advice of a lifetime. Through the interview format, Finazzer Flory, with an extraordinary make-up, becomes "physically" Leonardo and, without stopping, tries to unravel the thoughts and the universal vision of the genius.

Parigi: Italian‘chansonnier’ for France,  tribute to Lucio Dalla

Tribute to Lucio Dalla in Paris. On April 6, the artist from Bologne, who died five years ago, will inaugurate 'A review of the Italian songwriters in Paris’ organized by The Institute of Italian culture. Great musician and acrobat of words, the author of 'How deep is the sea' has signed some of the biggest hits of contemporary Italian music. His incomparable style,  mixing poetry, humor and emotions, has captivated millions of Italians.  His songs will be performed and the more famous videos will be projected  under titled in Italian, in order to facilitate viewing and, for those who want, even singing! The sessions will be animated by Paolo Modugno, a teacher of Italian civilization at Sciences Po.

Almaty: Italian shoes on show in Kazakhstan

Italian shoes featured in Kazakhstan. From 5 to 7 April,  events Hall Dom Priemov in Almaty will host the event, the only one in Central Asia dedicated to fashion accessories and footwear  Made in Italy. Some 28 Italian companies and 200 buyers will participate. The initiative, started in 2002, has the signature of Assocalzaturifici, ICE - Agency for the promotion abroad and internationalization of Italian businesses, and the Embassy of Italy in Almaty. The latest edition of Almaty Shoes from Italy, was held on 19 to 21 October 2016 and saw the participation of 27 exhibiting companies who have met 170 buyers from Kazakhstan and from the Central Asian market , in particular Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan .

Abu Dhabi: Italian book lands to best Emirates Fair

Deep Emirates interest in Italy and in its culture takes shape at the book fair in Abu Dhabi where, from April 26 to May 2, Adibf, Abu Dhabi International Book Fair,  opens its doors. During  2016 Edition the Fair has been recorded the presence of 272,300 visitors, 1,261 exhibitors, 63 foreign countries on an exhibition area of 32,000 square meters. More than 24 publishing joined  the Italian space, on a 152 square meters area. The ICE-Agency in partnership with the Embassy of Italy in Abu Dhabi and the IEA - Italian Publishers Association, will organize this new edition of the Fair. The Italian space, of 24 square meters, will be equipped with a concierge desk and a few seats for Italian publishers who want to exhibit their books. The Adibf is the more important and ambitious cultural event throughout the Middle East and  it’s directly organized by the Emir Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Toronto:  International workshop on on Dante’s hermeneutics

Reading and understanding Dante Alighieri. Hermeneutics lands in Toronto, where the next 4 to 5 April the Department of Italian Studies of the University  has organized meetings for Dante’s readers and fans,  to celebrate centuries of aloud or silent interpretations; of doubts and theoretical import-export from  other disciplines. Undoubtedly, there is no other author than Dante and no other masterpiece than Divina Commedia that could offer this occation. In Toronto is Iscad , International seminar on critical approaches on Dante, to offer this space for a deep discussion and for researchers studies: starting from  history of key categories; to specific studies on the application of these categories and towards individual episodes of Dante's corpus; at last, discussion of the uses and abuses in Dante studies.

Amsterdam: Italian astrophysics Favata explains Universe

Fabio Favata, an astrophysicist  from Palermo  at the European Space Agency will be on April 4 in Amsterdam  to explain Universe and European Space Strategy. The occasion has been organized by Italian Cultural Institute and untitled ‘Europe in the solar system and the Universe '. The focus will be Rosetta mission, the first "landing" on a comet ever made. Rosetta has brought Europe to the surface of a comet, where no other  space agency had never ventured. During the presentation, the adventurous journey Rosetta will be explained  in the context of Europe's path in Space, looking in particular to the many research areas in which Europe has expressed and continues to express its leadership. Favata was a researcher at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in the USA and arrived in 1989 at  the European Space Agency. For the last ten years he is in charge of the ESA scientific program management and he is now responsible for planning and coordination.

Cannes: audiovisuals, Italy on MIPTV catwalk


From 3 to 6 April there will take place the famous Fair for the video industry and for the sale and distribution of contents for television. Traditional  to digital, from products for multimedia platforms to those achieved with the new 3D and 4D technologies. For the occasion, the ICE-Agency organized, in collaboration with APT Television Producers Association Italy, a stand of 120 square meters located in the prestigious Riviera Hall of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. The space will be divided into individual stands for the associated APT and managed by the Association. The whole event , in an open space (Space Umbrella) with tables for business meetings to be used in rotation, intends to house some forty small companies. Available to participants, a concierge service and an  answering machine, a computer workstation with printer and Internet connection, telephone, fax, Internet access with dedicated wi-fi.

Mosca: Italian Cinema performs at  XX N.I.C.E Festival

From 4 to 9 April Moscow will host the XX edition of the N.I.C.E. Festival (New Italian Cinema Events). In the space of six days the Russian public shall see the new Italian film proposals and dialogue with the invited filmmakers. The event will be hosting  special guests as Mimmo Calopresti, Claudio Rossi Massimi, Federico Micali, Francesco Fei, Gianmarco D'Agostino and Francesco Carrozzini. The opening of the Festival will take place on Tuesday, April 4 at 19:00 at the cinema Oktjabr at the presence of Viviana del Bianco, director of NICE, Olga Road, director of the Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow, Naum Klejman, cinema historical, and filmmakers Mimmo Calopresti and Francesco Fei. Opening movie will be the film "The mad joy" directed by Paolo Virzì’ , with the participation of its protagonists, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Micaela Ramazzotti. Among the films on the bill also ‘Happiness Costs Nothing’ by Mimmo Calopresti; ‘Segantini, back to nature’ by Francesco Fei; Jeeg Robot by Gabriele Mainetti.

New York: Italian managers speak, meeting with Fabrizio Freda

Italian top managers in the ‘Big Apple’. The Institute of Italian culture in New York is hosting on April 20 Fabrizio Freda, CEO of Estée Lauder Inc. The manager will be interviewed by the journalist  Maria Teresa Cometto. Freda is Chief Executive Officer and Director of Estée Lauder Inc since July 2009. Before joining Estée Lauder Freda held various senior positions at Procter & Gamble. From 1986 to 1988, he directed marketing and strategic planning for Gucci SpA. Freda has extensive experience in product strategy, innovation and global branding. He grew up in Naples, his father Domenico founded and directed an international Real Estate company operating in Italy, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Tokyo: Italy in Japanese literature becomes Event

Italy in Japanese literature. From March 27 to April 9, at the Institute of Italian culture in Tokyo, the Ninth edition of the exhibition of books about Italy published in the last three years takes place. They will also sell books, CDs and DVDs in Italian. Authors and translators present works recently published regarding Italy. And this year, in collaboration with several Italian publishing houses, two exhibition spaces dedicated to the illustration of children's books and textbooks for the study of the Italian language will be set up. Among the exhibitors CORRAINI WORKSHOP - An Italian publisher of art and design that tells the story of Corraini, through a series of visual notes and short texts. On show also the first exhibitions and the first catalogs, a meeting with Munari's books children, the international market, but more important the work with artists, illustrators, designers, the great masters and the youngs. Again, the work with printers, with the companies and territory. 

Copenhagen: Mare Nostrum and underwater cultural Heritage 

At the opening of the exhibition "Krig OG STORM. VRAGSKATTE FRA sicilien "(Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen, april 6 to 20 August 2017) Professor Sebastiano Tusa, archaeologist and curator of the exhibition, Sea Superintendent and  professor of Paletnologia at the Suor Orsola Benincasa University of Naples, will speak at the Italian cultural Institute in Copenhagen on 7 April of the Mediterranean archaeological diving origin. The "Mare Nostrum" was an important place of confluence and distribution of goods, knowledge and cultures, in the various commercial systems, that enriched Minoan, Mycenaean, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans. The richness of "Mare Nostrum" also went through the many testimonies of the century and through what have come to light in recent years, thanks to the work of underwater archaeologists. During the conference it will be presented the latest book by Tusa "First Mediterranean. Meditations on the oldest sea of history "(2016).

Berlin: Italian literature springtime, interview with Daria Bignardi

How can love be the most creative force and also the most destructive? What are we ready to lose for love, what are we ready to put into play? How do you earn to love?. Fascinating themes of 'Love that you deserve, 'SO glucklich WIR WAREN', by the writer Daria Bignardi. The book will be presented at the Institute of Italian culture in Berlin on April 5th. The stage is a silent Ferrara, where a whirlwind of meetings take place and give a glimmer of truth, immediately closed. Bignardi was born in Ferrara, for many years living in Milan. He published by Mondadori the novels: ’ I will not leave’ (Rapallo premium, Elsa Morante, City prize of Padova), ‘A heavy karma’, ‘The perfect acoustics’ and ‘Love that you deserve’.