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Italian novelist Antonio Moresco lands in Prague

Italian novelist Antonio Moresco lands in Prague
 Antonio Moresco

Prague - Italian novelist Antonio Moresco travelled to Prague to attend the presentation of his book "La Lucina", translated into Czech. The event, organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague in cooperation with the Karlova University and the publisher Dybbuk, was chaired by Alice Flemrova and Mauro Ruggiero.

The audience participated in what Mr Moresco would call "a meeting of souls," where the author engaged in a dialogue opened to multiple forms of interpretation. "We are living in a terminal age. Literature has also been turned into stone by Medusa," said Mr Moresco, adding that "today breathing is no longer enough. We must fight to make sure we can still breathe." As a result, writing is an act of urgency, a burning need to communicate a vision of the world where floating plot structures lead to new forms of shared representation, because "art is fertile and demands to be challenged."

Mr Moresco's professional career did not go smoothly at first. His most important novels were turned down by several publishers. His main work is a three-book saga, "L'increato", which includes "Gli esordi", "Canti del caos" and "Gli increati". It will soon be reprinted by Mondadori and translated into French. The writer also announced the publication of a new novel, "L'amore", to be found at bookshops by the end of 2018.