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Italian fashion exports total 48 billion euros

(AGI) Milan, Sept 16 - Italian clothing, accessories, and footwear exports total...

Italian fashion exports total 48 billion euros
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(AGI) Milan, Sept 16 - Italian clothing, accessories, and footwear exports totalled 48 billion euros in 2015, up two percent from 2014. The study, conducted by Milan's Chamber of Commerce and Promos, its special agency for international activities, also provided an interesting breakdown. In 2015, exports rose by: 4 percent for household linens, shirts, T-shirts, underwear, and fur apparel; 3 percent for rugs, carpets, leather goods, travel goods, and bags; and 2percent for footwear. Italy's major partners were France (10.6 percent of the total), Germany (9.2 percent), and the US (8.4 percent), where exports rose by 17.1 percent thanks to increased sales in South Korea (up 12.5 percent) and China (10 percent). Hong Kong, the UK, and Japan were also among Italy's largest importers. France was the largest market for clothing, especially shirts, T-shirts, underwear, knitwear, rugs, and footwear. Hong Kong topped the list for yarn and sportswear, while Germany was first for fabrics, Switzerland for bags and leather goods, the U.S. for household linens and furs, and Romania for trimmings and buttons. Italy's leading exporters were based in Milan, followed by Florence (9.9 percent) and Vicenza (9.1 percent). Among the top 20, Reggio Emilia's exports rose by 7.6 percent, Bologna's by 7.2 percent, and Vicenza by 6.5 percent. Lombardy was the region with the most exports at 11.8 billion euros, making up a quarter of the national total. On top of Milan, the leader in Italy, the top 20 cities include Como (7th), Varese (15th), Bergamo (16th), and Mantua (17th). In terms of national percentages, Lombardy stood out for household linens, rugs, trimmings, laces, and fabrics, where it made up around 40 percent of the total, and for knitwear (32 percent). (AGI). .