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Italian Embassy in Athens hosts sculpture exhibition

(AGI) Athens, July 20 - The Italian Embassy in Athens is hosting the "Forme, Col...

Italian Embassy in Athens hosts sculpture exhibition
Il giardino delle sculture mostra 

(AGI) Athens, July 20 - The Italian Embassy in Athens is hosting the "Forme, Colori, Materiali: il Giardino delle Sculture" (Forms, Colours, Materials: The Garden of Sculptures) exhibition until September 15. The exhibition was created by a group of students from Athens' Academy of Fine Arts. It will be open to the public on Thursdays. The initiative aims to illustrate the relationship between history, myths, and the imagination, which form the basis of the Greek and Italian spirit. The sculptures were made through different techniques and are of various sizes, colours, and materials, from metal, marble, and clay, to polyester and glass. The collection includes: Roman drawings made on clay, "Floors"; heads of ancient models such as "Antinous"; "Medieval books" in Greek marble created by an Italian Erasmus student; "Marine Lighthouses", alluding to the spread of culture; "Architectural Buildings in Clay" that recall solid structures; "The Hive", referring to society's excellent organisation and functioning; "Chair with Feet", representing the relationship between man and power; "Narcissus' Mirror", harkening back to Aesop's fable; "Sonorous Pottery", reflecting on man's inner dialogue; and "Hibiscus", offering protection to all, enveloping man in its petals. The Italian Embassy organised the exhibition in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute. It views culture as a cornerstone of people's identities and values, of economic growth, and society's future. The exhibition also pays homage to the Embassy building. Its halls will be utilised for Italy's points of excellence and trade beween Italy and Greece. (AGI). .