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Israel through the eyes of three young Italian writers

(AGI) Tel Aviv, Jul 11 - Three young Italian writers are gathering at the Italia...

Israel through the eyes of three young Italian writers
 aperikucha istituto di cultura italiana tel aviv - farnesina

(AGI) Tel Aviv, Jul 11 - Three young Italian writers are gathering at the Italian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv to present their works. Through their words, they recount the Israel of today. The Literary Aperikucha will feature the young writers: Gabriele Barbati and his "Trappola Gaza. Nel fuoco incrociato tra Israele e Palestina"; Fiammetta Martegani with "Life on Mars"; and Anna Momigliano with "Israele e gli altri. Un dissidio irrisolto". Bianca Ambrosio will moderate the event. Gabriele Barbati has been a Middle East correspondent from Israel for Radio Popolare and the Mediaset networks since November 2011. A reporter, cameramen and editor, he works for international media as well. "Trappola Gaza" recounts two months lived in fear in the Summer of 2014, with rockets blasting and bombs exploding. Gaza Strip was then a trap on two fronts: the Palestinians who lived there and the journalists, targets of constant pressure and misleading propaganda by both sides. Fiammetta Martegani has lived in Tel Aviv since 2009. She enrolled in a Cinema and Literature PhD course in 2012 at Tel Aviv University, and is currently a correspondent from Israel for several magazines and networks: e-magazine Q-code; 'Caterpillar', a radio programme by Italy's Public broadcast, Radio 2; and Radio Svizzera Italiana's Channel 2. "Life on Mars" marks her debut as a novelist. It describes a different kind of Israel, as seen by someone who is from another 'planet' like the young protagonist, who arrives in Israel from Italy and soon finds herself involved in the lives of a group of people she haphazardly met at the counter of the Casbah Cafeteria in Tel Aviv. Anna Momigliano is a journalist and writer who lives in Milan. She is the editor of the 'Studio' magazine, and also writes for Haaretz and Il Corriere della Sera. 'Karma Kosher' was published by Marsilio in 2009. Her latest book is "Israele e gli altri: storia di un conflitto irrisolto", a reasoned story of the relations Israel has with the 'others' within its own borders - its Arab minority and all of the other minorities which have been growing numerous in recent times and which Israel inevitably has to take stock of. (AGI). .