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Iran offers Italy great long-term business opportunities

(AGI) Tehran, May 13 - Iran presents Italian companies facing a period of econom...

Iran offers Italy great long-term business opportunities
 Paolo Borzatta European House Ambrosetti

(AGI) Tehran, May 13 - Iran presents Italian companies facing a period of economic uncertainty and a slowdown in global growth with "significant immediate commercial opportunities and, above all, the opportunity for long-term strategic development", said Paolo Borzatta, senior partner in The European House-Ambrosetti, which next Monday and Tuesday in Tehran, is putting on the first edition of the Italy-Iran Summit. "Italy due to its history and approach, is very well placed to grasp these strategic development opportunities and create an important position for itself in Iran," he continued. "To establish a strategic relationship between the two countries it is nevertheless necessary for the leaders of major companies in those two countries to build personal and deep relationships." He stressed that "this is the aim" of the summit, which will be held the Espinas Palace in Tehran, and will see the presentation of a position paper prepared by The European House-Ambrosetti under the guidance of an international advisory board. Sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Italian embassy in Tehran and the Iranian embassy in Rome, the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) and the Italy-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the summit will be attended by Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, Vincenzo Amendola, the President of business export agency SACE, Giovanni Castellaneta, and Italian ambassador in Tehran Mauro Conciatori. The various speakers include President of the Trade Facilitation Committee of TCCIM Mohsen Bahrami Arze Aghdas, Parviz Aghili Kermani, CEO of Middle East Bank, Marco Airoldi, Chief Executive Officer of Benetton Group, Mohammad Reza Bakhtiari of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Palma Costi, Councillor for Productive Activities, Energy Planning, Green Economy and Post-earthquake Reconstruction of Emilia Romagna, Riccardo Delleani, Chief Executive Officer of Olivetti; Masoud Khansari, President of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Paolo Martini, Chief Executive Officer of Building Energy Gulf, Riccardo Maria Monti, President of Grandi Stazioni, Ahmad Pourfallah, President the Italy-Iran Chamber of Commerce, Fabrizio Sala, Vice President of Lombardy Region, Giuseppe Zampini, CEO of Ansaldo Energia and Alessandro Zanini, President of Assorestauro.. .