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Innovative Italian lessons in Amsterdam

(AGI) Amsterdam, Aug 22 - The Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Amsterdam has ...

Innovative Italian lessons in Amsterdam
 pasta spaghetti piatto

(AGI) Amsterdam, Aug 22 - The Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Amsterdam has launched "Italiano con gusto" (Italian with taste), an innovative language course that combines the joy of learning a language with that of tasting delicious food. From Sep. 21, Italian courses on Wednesdays and Thursdays will treat students to a pasta dish over the lunch break. The IIC offers two course levels for a total of 10 lessons, which can be bought individually or as a packet. In order to present the initiative and its various other Italian language courses, the IIC has scheduled an Open Day on Sep. 3, during which it will offer trial lessons, provide information, and organize meetings with teachers and tastings of pasta dishes for lunch, accompanied by music. The organizers will draw a two-day stay for two people in an exclusive location in Italy among all course participants attending the Open Day. Besides the innovative "Italiano con gusto" course, the IIC features an interesting programme for the year including a number of special courses for intermediate and advanced students, such as the literature course on Niccolo' Ammanniti's book "Io e te". Others options include: "L'Italia dal fascismo ad oggi: percorsi paralleli nella storia, nella letteratura e nel cinema" (Italy from fascism to today: parallel paths in history, literature and cinema), held by Giulia Cartini; "Viva il cinema", which teaches Italian through cinema; "Parole Parole Parole", for learning Italian through songs; the book club - "Un libro al mese" (A book a month); "Sulle tracce di Dante Alighieri", a journey into Italy during Dante's period; and the speaking course Uitspraak. (AGI). .