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Giffoni Innovation Hub launches Big Data

(AGI) - Naples, 15 lug. - Giffoni Innovation Hub launches Giffoni Big Data, the ...

Giffoni Innovation Hub launches Big Data

(AGI) - Naples, 15 lug. - Giffoni Innovation Hub launches Giffoni Big Data, the first data analysis about the new generations Creative agency Giffoni Innovation Hub launches Giffoni Big Data: the first collection and analysis of data about participants of Giffoni Experience and trends and habits of the new generations. In the following months Giffoni Innovation Hub will process the collected data - published in a free report - to outline preferences, expectations and wishes of the Italian teenager and Giffoni Experience protagonists. Through Giffoni Big Data, from july 15th 2016 Giffoni kicks off an observatory of tastes, trends and behaviors of the next generations ( The initiative identifies for the first time Giffoni as a potential market testing platform about young people for companies, organizations and government agencies. Two questionnaires available are declined by age: a paper distributed on July 19th and 20thfor the jurors up to 22 years of categories Elements +10, Generator +13, +16 and Generator +18 and another one online for those over 18, the Dream Team community, all types of participants in the festival and for adults throughout Italy who want to contribute to the iniziative online. Twenty questions for the paper version, 41 for that online with over 130 responses between multiple and numerical value from 0 to 5. The original questionnaire consists of questions on personal aspirations, imagination, use of social, learning preferences, waivers to pursue a passion, centrality of technology in everyday life, work, relationship with the faith, free time. The jurors from one hundred and sixty Italian cities, the thousands of festival visitors and operators and Italian boys will participate in an unprecedented survey that will point to two main objectives: knowing young generations, starting from Giffoni as a dynamic laboratory of opportunities and experiences for young people to guide toward adulthood; transforming Giffoni Experience into a productive future model for different variety of market and social analysis. "Giffoni Big Data converts in numbers and visions the extraordinary social and human potential of Giffoni" says Orazio Maria Di Martino, Founder & COO of Giffoni Innovation Hub. "By analyzing thousands of data we collect from Giffoni Experience,we will work on current questions of the young community: questions seen as needs, aspirations and ideas to offer answers about the future of the new generations in the name of Giffoni and to test the possibility of making the Giffoni system a model of reading of the Millennials among habits, desires, employment objectives and market preferences". (AGI) .