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Eni unveils new website

(AGI) Milan, June 6 - Eni has unveiled a new website with the slogan, "The futur...

Eni unveils new website
Marco Bardazzi, Eni (sito) 

(AGI) Milan, June 6 - Eni has unveiled a new website with the slogan, "The future belongs to those who dare to imagine". Sports reporter and narrator Federico Buffa on Monday cited this motto while leading an event in Milan's Piccolo Teatro Melato dedicated to the Italian oil and gas company's new site. Through an evocative theatrical piece, Mr Buffa traced the steps that led to the birth of, on which the group will make its corporate communications. The "Energy from Url" initiative in Milan was inspired by "a desire to recount the transformation of Eni that we're all involved in", said Eni's External Communication Director, Marco Bardazzi. The new site "aims to tell our story firsthand" and "create a place where one can encounter the wealth of Eni's experience". Mr Buffa recounted: "Eni was born of a vision, an impetus that has always marked those who work for this great company, hailing from all continents, with the most varied cultures and expertise. Visionaries who made Eni one of the world's leading energy companies." He added: "Eni is a company that has always known how to communicate, make itself understood, thanks to its use of the best communication methods, its collaborations with great literary and cinematic authors of the '60s, and the creative choices of today." follows in this tradition: built in keeping with the storytelling concept, the website guides the user in discovering the company's knowledge and characteristic values. Two novelties also mark the new site. A slim and rapidly explorable navigation tree with a new tool for stakeholder's queries, Ask Now, which Bardazzi called "a sort of semantic search engine capable of interpreting users' questions posed in everyday language, and providing answers in narrative style". The other pillar of the new is its "Enipedia", where users can play an active role in their searches. In short, thanks to its new communication model with an innovative, simple, and speedy website in, the company with the 'the six-legged dog' logo is engaging in a more open and transparent dialogue with all its stakeholders throughout the world. (AGI). .